America Losing Technology Workers Denied in Visa Lottery

Written on:March 28, 2013
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America Losing Technology Workers Denied in Visa Lottery
Random selection means more risk for the technology companies that dominate these visas, and also may leave them waiting for months to find out if their employees are chosen. “Every company lives and dies by the talent it has access to,” Johnson said.
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Google settlement highlights technology's vulnerabilities
BETWEEN 2008 and 2010, Google collected bits of personal data — e-mails, Web sites visited and other sensitive material — from unsecured WiFi networks around the world. All its employees needed to gather it were commercially available antennae and …
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New Technology Could Engineer the Perfect Baseball Swing
What if a baseball coach could truly determine what a player must do to hit the ball out of the park? New technology is underway that fuses physics and real-time data to help develop the perfect swing. The University of Michigan has been working on a …
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Internet slows down after DNS attack on Spamhaus
Hundreds of thousands of Britons are unsuspecting participants in one of the internet's biggest cyber-attacks ever – because their broadband router has been subverted. Spamhaus, which operates a filtering service used to weed out spam emails, has been …
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Written on:March 28, 2013
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